Nearby Attractions

Balaram Palace Resort, situated in Northern Gujarat, has the advantage of being surrounded by numerous places of tourist interest. It does not matter if you are a historian or a spiritual person or a nature lover or an art student or just a traveler, the vicinity offers something to appeal to everyone’s interests.

Jain Temples of Taranga

One of the finest clusters of Jain temples in India, it is 85 kms from Balaram Palace Resort located on hill top with pristine views on all sides. The massive Ajitnath temple of Taranga which was erected under patronage of the Solanki Rajput King Kumarapala boasts of beautiful carvings on the pillar domes and brackets.

Holy Temples of Ambaji

One of the holiest temples of Mother Goddess Amba in Gujarat, it is a major centre for marble carving, honey, wax and copper crafts. It attracts pilgrims from the world over especially on the full moon nights. It is just 45 Kms from Balaram Palace Resort.

The Sun Temple at Modhera

A great architectural work known for its 108 temple studded step-well, 52 finely carved pillars, panels depicting friezes from the Ramayana and other great Hindu epics images of the Sun God, traditional erotic sculpture, and perhaps most importantly, the sanctum which is designed such that the sunlight fell on the central image during the equinoxes. It is located 112 kms from Balaram Palace Resort.

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It is a perfect destination for those who love nature and jungle adventures and also a place to take break from the busy city life. It offers a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The Palace is surrounded by striking green foliage and is a felicitous spot for those who love the calm and quiet. The Heritage building is built with a unique baroque style architecture.


Famous for its textiles and monuments, it is 73 kms from Balaram Palace Resort. It was the capital of Gujarat from the 8th-15th Century. It is also famous for its fantastic 11th century Rani-ki-vav step-well, embellished with intricate carvings and friezes of the Hindu Gods and Goddess including the Vishnu avatars. The highlight of Patan is the colony of Patola Silk weavers, whose exquisite double ikkat silk fabrics are of considerable commercial importance for textile studies.

fairs and festivals of the Aravalli Hills

Aravalli hills, home of some of the colourful aboriginal tribal communities who still live in traditional hamlets and mud- huts decorated with fantastic tribal drawings and protected by terra cotta horses, which are said to ward off evil spirits. These simple kind hearted tribal communities invite you to attend and celebrate their numerous interesting festivals and fairs. Navratri fair at Ambaji, Mira Datar fair at Unava, Shravan Amavasya fair at Modhera, Shravan fair at Patan, Camel fair at Sidhpur and of course other lesser known, yet rare and rich typical tribal fairs.

Jessore Sloth - Bear Sanctuary

The Sloth – Bear Sanctuary located in the Jessore hills of Aravalli range covers an area of 180 sq. kms of dry deciduous forest. Apart from sloth bear, other fauna reported in the sanctuary are leopard, blue bull, wild boar, porcupine and a variety of birds. Other endangered species harboured by the sanctuary are jungle cat, civet, caracal, wolf and hyena. The sanctuary has also identified 406 species of plants. With such bio-diversity just 22 kms from Balaram Palace Resort, it is a must visit for a true nature lover.